Successful integration of refugee status holders

InCheck - Creating an opportunity for a good first impression!

Many social administration employment consultants and advisors are now facing a dilemma. How can they effectively meet with asylum seekers and refugees, when there is difficulty understanding each other?

Our support solution is specifically designed to help solve this problem. Before our InCheck measurement begins, the refugee candidate self-reports their language skills, physical condition for work, professional qualifications, and so forth for later review and discussion.

People who do not speak the local language need language support. The web- based measurement and the InCheck reports are available in multiple languages. Furthermore, regardless of the language in which the candidate completes the measurement, the InCheck report for the consultant or advisor is available in a bilingual format, for example, Arabic-German, English-German, Arabic-English, etc. to enhance the candidate's understanding and facilitate communication between the parties.

The results are presented clearly in understandable bilingual text. In addition, InCheck reports are available that present an overview of occupational information, including the candidate's competencies, work preferences/affinities, possible occupation directions (compatible with ISCO or local standards), and similar interesting job/profession information.

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